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30 June 2010 @ 11:00 pm
Soooo... another of these ... by me ... yes ... me. I listen to a lot of music, shut it!

I've "molested" Bevfank for advice on this front ... thingy ... after very torturing "i'd change this, and that, and made this better, less flatter, more contrast" (kidding!) she cast her seal of KIND of approval. So, if you really don't like it ... it's like, totally my fault! :)

So, this is for s2 ... well, second part of s2. Could be spoilersh, but i have no idea how a song can be spoilerish...

01 Dishwalla - Angels Or Devils
this is the last time
that I'm ever gonna come here tonight
this is the last time - I will fall
into a place that fails us all - inside

I can see the pain in you
I can see the love in you
but fighting all the demons will take time
it will take time

02 Stanfour - Everything Has Changed
Oh but
Words won’t help
Can’t tell myself
That hearts don’t change
The fire’s turned to ice
The truth’s all lies
Everything has changed

03 Stabbing Westward - Breathe You In
I guess it's time to face the truth
And admit my past mistakes
Come to terms with all that's wrong with me
And all the things I'll never be

Why am I afraid to feel?
Afraid of what is true?
Why am I afraid to feel?
When all I really want is you?

To taste your skin
To share your thoughts
Would never be enough for me

04 Remy Zero - Fair
So what if you catch me,
where would we land?
In somebody's life
forsaking his hands.
Sing to me hope as she's
thrown on the sand.
All of your works
are rated again.
Where to go?

05 Lifehouse - It is what it is
Too long we've been denying
Now we're both tired of trying
We hit a wall and we can't get over it
Nothing to relive
It's water under the bridge
You said it, I get it
I guess it is what it is

06 Frou Frou - Breathe In
And I'm high enough from all the waiting
To ride a wave on your inhaling
And I'm high enough from all the waiting
To ride a wave on your inhaling
'Cause I love you no?
Can't help but love you, no...

07 Peter Bradley James - I won't
Oh here you come, same as before
At my back door to say it again
Tell me you've grown, tell me you've found
Somewhere just out of town

You ask if I want to go
I don't want to roll on anymore
I won't follow you down that road
You know but I won't...

08 Lily Allen - Who'd have known
You put your arm around my shoulder,
And it was as if the room got colder,
And we moved closer in together,
Started talking about the weather
Said tomorrow would be fun
And we could watch a place in the sun
I didn’t know where this was going, when you kissed me

09 Snow Patrol - Make this go on forever
The last girl in the last reason to make this last for as long as I could
First kiss and the first time that I felt connected to anything
The weight of water, the way you taught me to look past everything I had ever learned
The final word in the final sentence you ever uttered to me was love

10 Nickelback - I'd come for you
Yes I'd come for you, no one but you,
Yes I'd come for you
But only if you told me to

And I'd fight for you
I'd lie, it's true
Give my life for you
You know I'd always come for you

11. Kate Earl - When You're Ready
You're safe, safe with me
I hope that I've shown you enough to believe
And you know I'm not holding my breath
but you know how to find me
And you know there's a knot in my chest
and only you can untie me

12 Sofi Bonde - Fallout
I don't recommend it
It could be a bad habit
But somehow you make me feel
Just like I know you
Better than you do
That's the trick you play on me

Oh, you taste so sweet
I can't wait to meet

With you
'Cause we're the same

13 David Cook - I did it for you
You turn away
From all those things
That I've been trying to say
And all those promises
I shouldn't have made
I did it for you

All of THAT .... @ here.

I donno, comment if you like ... don't comment ... do what you ... like. :)
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04 May 2010 @ 11:25 am
Here, if anybody wants music from series, you can find it here ... it's rearranged not by Fox airing dates but the way it should be ...

If you wonder what's the right order of LTM, here's the list ...

1. Pilot (1x1)
2. Moral Waiver (1x2)
3. A Perfect Score (1x5)
4. Love Always (1x4)
5. Unchained (1x6)
6. Do No Harm (1x7)
7. The Best Policy (1x8)
8. Depraved Heart (1x9)
9. Life Is Priceless (1x3)
10. Better Half (1x11)
11. Undercover (1x10)
12. Blinded (1x12)
13. Sacrifice (1x13)

1. The Core of It (2x1)
2. Honey (2x4)
3. Truth or Consequences (2x2)
4. Control Factor (2x3)
5. Grievous Bodily Harm (2x5)
6. Fold Equity (2x9)
7. Lack of Candor (2x6)
8. Black Friday (2x7)
9. Secret Santa (2x8)
10. Tractor Man (2x10)
21 March 2010 @ 09:46 pm
yes, i know ... i did it again ... only thing i did around here is MUSIC ... what can i say, i'm not good for anything else ;) i haz music!

and this is for #ltmteamawesome ... coz they are made of awesome, as always.


without further ado ...

Creed - A Thousand Faces

Now I'm forced to look behind
I'm forced to look at you
You wear a thousand faces
Tell me, tell me which is you
Broken mirrors paint the floor
Why can't you see the truth?
You wear a thousand faces
Tell me, tell me which is you.
Tell me which is you.

Lifehouse - Everything
How can I stand here with you and not be moved by you?
Would you tell me how could it be any better than this?

You calm the storms, and you give me rest.
You hold me in your hands, you won't let me fall.
You steal my heart, and you take my breath away.
Would you take me in? Take me deeper now?

Graham Colton - Always in love
The middle of the afternoon
I'm always in love with you
Anything you want me to you know that I will
I know time will tell
There's no one it's just you still
I don't want to wake you but I'm going to
I just wanna talk to you

Pat Monahan - Someday
I can admit to my addictions
And wish I could be a better friend
I am three kinds of crazy
And every day I try to find another way to you

Someday we'll be together
One day you'll be back in my arms again
Someday I will be where I belong
I've waited so long
For Someday

Jason Mraz - A Beautiful Mess
You've got the best of both worlds
You're the kind of girl who can take down a man,
And lift him back up again
You are strong but you're needy,
Humble but you're greedy
Based on your body language,
your shouted cursive I've been reading
You're style is quite selective,
though your mind is rather reckless
Well I guess it just suggests
that this is just what happiness is

Hey, what a beautiful mess this is
It's like picking up trash in dresses

Muse - Undisclosed Desires

I want to reconcile the violence in your heart
I want to recognize your beauty's not just a mask
I want to exorcise the demons from your past
I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart

You trick your lovers
That you're wicked and divine
You may be a sinner
But your innocence is mine

The Fray - Never Say Never
Picture you're the queen of everything
as far as the eye can see
under your command
I will be your guardian
when all is crumbling
steady your hand

You can never say never
why we don't know when
time, time and time again
younger now then we were before

The XX - Shelter
Could I be, was I there?
It felt so crystal in the air
I still want to drown, whenever you leave
Please teach me gently, how to breathe

And I'll cross oceans, like never before
So you can feel the way I feel it too
And I'll mirror images back at you
So you can see the way I feel it too

Five For Fighting - This Dance

On matters of clarity
is not secret you are carrying me.
But you disguise thoughts of fall
I will keep you safe.

And oh my love there is only so many dances we can take across the night.

So while is just me and you
I thought I might say to you
You put the beautiful in life

Colbie Caillat - Magic
You've got magic inside your finger tips
Its leaking out all over my skin
Everytime that i get close to you
Your makin me weak with the way you
Look through those eyes

3 Doors Down - Your Arms Feel Like Home
I think i've walked too close to love
And now i'm falling in
Theres so many things this weary soul can't take
Maybe you just caught me by surprise
The first time that i looked into your eyes

There's a life inside of me
That i can feel again
It's the only thing that takes me
Where i've never been
I don't care if i lost everything that i have known
It don't matter where i lay my head tonight
Your arms feel like home
Feel like home

Paramore - The Only Exception
Maybe I know somewhere
deep in my soul
that love never lasts.
And we've got to find other ways
to make it alone.
Or keep a straight face.
And I've always lived like this
keeping a comfortable distance.
And up until I sworn to myself
that I'm content with loneliness.

Because none of it was ever really worth the risk.

Well you are the only exception.

Pat Monahan - Always Midnight
Seems like its always midnight
Sweeping up broken glass after every fight
With the sound of a train that I could have been on
Reminding me that the last ones gone
With you its always midnight

Are you blind?
Can't you see me standing here waiting in line for
Are you mine?
Not just when you want to be all of the time are you
Are you blind?
Don't you see me standing here wont you tell me what
It is I'm waiting to find

Sister Hazel - Your Winter
What else, what else can I do?
I said I'm sorry, yeah, I'm sorry
I said I'm sorry, but what for?
If I hurt you then I hate myself
I don't want to hate myself,
don't want to hurt you
Why do you choose your pain if you only knew
How much I love you love you

Well I won't be your winter
And i won't be anyone's excuse to cry
And we can be forgiven
And I will be here

Jon McLaughlin - Just Give It Time
Just give it time
It's gonna get better
Now is not forever at all
Just give it time
Everything changes
Tomorrow comes today will be gone
Everything's gonna be fine
Just give it time, give it time

Poets Of The Fall - Where Do We Draw The Line
On your palm an endless wonder
Lines that speak the truth without a sound
In your eyes awaits the tireless hunger
Already looks for prey to run down

So why do we keep up this charade
How do we tell apart the time to leave from the time to wait

What does tomorrow want with me
What does it matter what I see
If it can't be my design
Tell me where do we draw the line

James Carrington - Ache
Isn't it strange?
The way things can change
Life that you lead turned on its head
Suddenly someone means more than you felt before
House in its yard turns into hope

I'm sorry but I meant to say
Many things are on the way
This one's for you

Have I told you I ache?
Have I told you I ache?
Have I told you I ache
For you?

Shinedown - Call Me
Call me a sinner, call me a saint
Tell me it's over I'll still love you the same
Call me your favorite, call me the worst
Tell me it's over I don't want you to hurt
It's all that I can say. So, I'll be on my way

I finally put it all together,
But nothing really lasts forever
I had to make a choice that was not mine,
I had to say goodbye for the last time
I kept my whole life in suitcase,
Never really stayed in one place
Maybe that's the way it should be,
You know I live my life like a gypsy

so, You can either click on name of the song to get it separately ... or get the whole thing here (whatever works 4 u lot): http://d01.megashares.com/?d01=VocFBFE

be nice ... comment if you like? :) it makes me fuzzy and furry inside.
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22 December 2009 @ 05:00 pm
Yea, ok, i did one for Cal and Gillian. Had to!
Well then, there it is!


1. onerepublic - all this time
2. acceptance - different
3. evermore - between the lines
4. trading yesterday - may i
5. stone sour - wicked game
6. mads langer - beauty of the dark
7. florence + the machine - howl
8. rooster - clear skies
9. alanis morissette - head over feet
10. dave barnes - believe
11. five for fighting - one more for love
12. jem - maybe i'm amazed
13. lifehouse - only one
14. the xx - crystalised
15. collective soul - she does
16. joshua radin - lovely tonight
17. sarah mclachlan - possession

1. matt nathanson - pretty the world
2. band of horses - no one's gonna love you
3. safetysuit - find a way
4. acceptance - so contagious
5. dave barnes - until you
6. sia - breathe me
7. aqualung - strange and beautiful

download linq: http://d01.megashares.com/?d01=4cc46c5

let me know what you think!
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28 November 2009 @ 03:44 am
What's it called? Deceiving Truth
Does it have pictures? Indeed it does!
What kinda music? Well, rock mostly.
What's it about?? Cal, do'oh!
What's inside? Except music, ya think? Um, sides.
What else? Comment if you like!!! It's my first LIE TO ME baby!

10 tracks in playlist, average track length: 3:59
Playlist length: 39 minutes 57 seconds

Playlist files:

1. Neverending White Lights - Liar (ft. Raine Maida) (3:45)
2. Adelitas Way - Invincible (3:10)
3. Cavo - We All Fall Down (3:18)
4. Civil Twilight - Human (4:09)
5. Poets Of The Fall - Where Do We Draw The Line (5:17)
6. Stone Sour - Through Glass (4:43)
7. Lifehouse - Broken (4:46)
8. Five For Fighting - Chances (3:35)
9. Collective Soul - Satellite (3:24)
10. Three Days Grace - Animal I Have Become (3:50)

d/l linq: http://d01.megashares.com/?d01=fe32f49
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01 November 2009 @ 09:12 pm
For all of you who are using twitter, i made a list of bones fans around the globe, i'm guessing this is just really SMALL portion of people that are fans, but it's a start.

So, if you're on twitter, and you follow bones, and you're NOT in here, feel free to send me msg. I'll add you right away!
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29 September 2009 @ 07:35 pm
Yea, ok, i did it again, i know. I did another fanmix. What can i do? I seriously suck at icons, fanfics, or anything remotely imaginative. I listen to bunch of music, though. And i'm obsessed with Bones, what else do you want??
This time, no artwork, because ... i think this deserves better than MY artwork (which, i already said, kinda sucks). So, if anybody has idea coming up, have a lightbulb moment, please, DO share! And i'm kinda dizzy right now. So, all i can do is upload this ... and hope that you'll at least LIKE it. Cause, i kinda love it. I really do.
I talk too much.

Here's the thing!
You got inside my head today, I felt you
Said my imagination's tryin' to hold you
Responsible for all my ways I told you
Take me into happy days, I know, know, know

That you, and I, will be, always,
Onside, in these, imaginary fields of love, you get to me.

I'd better get back to the place that i used to be
Cause you're trouble and trouble's got a hold of me
Yeah I'm in love with you and you know it's true, I think I told a lie before
No, it wasn't in the way she moved
No, it wasn't in the way she grooved
Yeah, it was something she said

And I know where I'm supposed to be
Counting on me
You're counting on me
You've got me tied by the wrist
By the shoulder
By the blood that runs under my skin
I see my hands turn white
And I know that I won't get free

I need to be bold
Need to jump in the cold water
Need to grow older with a girl like you
Finally see you are naturally
The one to make it so easy
When you show me the truth
Yeah, I'd rather be with you
Say you want the same thing too

Don't hide those feelings inside 'cause
If they're tucked back they could turn your heart black
How long will it take for us to let this go
We you just wait, will you let loose
Will you know, my feelings are true

New sunrise, new sunsets
New promises I haven't made quite yet
To you
It's always been you
there's never been good days
there's never been bad days without you

To me, you're strange and you're beautiful
You'd be so perfect with me
But you just can't see
You turn every head but you don't see me

I'll put a spell on you
You'll fall asleep
When I put a spell on you
And when I wake you I'll be the first thing you see
And you'll realize that you love me

Like an apple on a tree
Hiding out behind the leaves
I was difficult to reach
But you picked me
Like a shell upon a beach
Just another pretty piece
I was difficult to see
But you picked me

i thought that the world had lost its sway
(its so hard sometimes)
then i fell in love with you
(then came you)
and you took that away
(its not so difficult, the world is not so difficult)
you take away the old
show me the new
and i feel like i can fly
when i stand next to you
so what if I'm on this phone
a hundred miles from home
i take the words you gave
and send them back to you

I tried to fight the feeling, the feeling took me down,
I struggled and I lost the day you knocked me out,
Now everything’s got meaning and meanings bring me down,
I’m watching as a screening of my life plays out.

Every day I fight these feelings,
For your sake I will hide the real thing,
You can run all your life, all mine I will chase...

You should never fight your feelings,
When your very bones believe them,
You should never fight your feelings,
You have to follow nature’s law.

Criminals, doctors, cynics and believers.
Preachers, teachers, murderers and bankers.
The faithless and the Pope,
the weight of our hope
on the girl with the world on her shoulders.

The actor in the wings, to the mocking bird that sings.
From the bottom of the sea, to the penthouse suite.
As I turn to walk away, I overheard her say,
"We're all in here together".

Yeah, I wanna feel the sunshine,
Shinin' down on me and you.
When you put your arms around me,
You let me know there's nothing in this world I can't do.

I used to run in circles goin' no-where fast.
I'd take, uh, one step forward end up two steps back.
Couldn't walk a straight line even if I wanted to, mmm, mmm.
I wanna love somebody,
Love somebody like you.

Could you believe I’m waiting for someone
Could you believe I’m holding the night with my hands
Alone in the night on my own
I feel the pain inside me
Only you can heal me

I...like the things that you hate
And you...hate the things that I like
But it hurts
Honesty's your church
But sometimes
Its better to lie
I...am the vinegar and salt
And you...are the oil that dissolves
My frustration

And no one else can see the side of me I show
When it's you and me alone
And no one else can hear the things that you don't say
Things that I already know
Stop waiting for a fall
You can't keep running from the storm
So when you feel alone
Look in my direction
When you think we've disappeared
Close your eyes and you will see it you can feel it
The sky's about to clear

All it takes is an honest mistake, now I find you here.
You've been here before and triped up all this shadows
Why did you run?
Why did you run?
When I'm rigth here
It's all gonna be the same, when you get there.

Now that we see the signs can we walk this line together?
Now that we know it's time can we walk this line together?

If it's gonna be a rainy day
There's nothing we can do to make it change
We can pray for sunny weather
But that won't stop the rain
Feeling like you got no place to run
I can be your shelter 'til it's done
We can make this last forever
So please don't stop the rain

Like a summer rain
That cools the pavement with a patent leather shine
He came into my life and made the living fine
And gave a meaning to this empty world of mine
He fills my heart

He fills my heart with very special things
With angels' songs, with wild imaginings
He fills my soul with so much love
That anywhere I go, I'm never lonely
With him along, who could be lonely
I reach for his hand, it's always there

d/l linq
megashare: http://d01.megashares.com/?d01=de14b5c

So here's that, comment please! My inner bunny will die if you don't! I'm serious!
My dizzy, dizzy bunny ...

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06 September 2009 @ 08:22 pm
So, since i'm still "new" and i'm using this to ... well, comment on others people stuff, i still want this thing to look nice!
Gotta find banner!
Gotta figure out how to remove imageshack code from my pictures.
Gotta be creative!
I was thinkin of another b/b fanmix!
And i've gotta work on my thesis and babysitt and meet people and have coffee!!

God, i'm so busy!

I need new episodes! AND I DON'T NEED REHAB!!!! o.O

I really don't...

02 September 2009 @ 10:27 pm
I've now got the new LiveJournal Messenger. My Windows Live ID is sum_of_one@livejournal.com. Sign up now and we can chat!
Well, guys, this is take two. Wasn't all that generally satisfied with the first fanmix, so i decided to upgrade and, well, change the previous one. Did the cover again, think this is a bit better [yes, i know, i still suck at these things], and i did some songs changes. Think this fits better. [yes, i know, i lack the *I* in the beginning of some sentences, but, just the way i ... well, i don't talk english, it's just way i think!].
And what my previous fanmix lacked, is that is has some reference to 4th season ending, and possible beginnin of 5 season.  It's mostly Booth POV.
Without further ... um ... i present ...


01 Coldplay - In My Place  
02 Poets Of The Fall - Maybe Tomorrow Is A Better Day  
03 Matt Wertz - I will not take my love away  
04 Dishwalla - Until I Wake Up  
05 1969 - Save A Place  
06 Lifehouse - Learn You Inside Out  
07 Paul Weller - With Time & Temperance  
08 Blue October - My Never  
09 Incubus - Oil And Water  
10 Trading Yesterday - The Beauty And The Tragedy  
11 Katie Melua - Its Only Pain  
12 Matt Nathanson - Come On Get Higher  
13 Aqualung - Brighter Than Sunshine  
14 Foo Fighters - Come Alive  
15 Gavin Rossdale - Love Remains The Same  
16 Thirteen Senses - Call Someone  
17 Syntax - Message  
18 Wim Mertens - Temperance  
19 Sand System - Lover's Nocturne

here's the d/l linq: http://d01.megashares.com/dl/a24e2a8/iw2luio-bb.rar

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